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Welcome to the Providence Park Baptist Church's website!  We are excited that you are visiting with us at this moment in time.  No matter where our paths meet whether here in cyberspace, at one of our worship experiences, or in the community, we certainly greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior.  We are in our early stages of developing our new website and hope to have the site fully functioning in the near future.


The JCR Charge

 Heart-search by the Spirit! Always examine yourself according to the standards or principles God requires for living. Let His creative and active Power called Spirit guide you in all righteousness.

  Sacrifice self! Deny yourself of those desires that only satisfy self and are not toward the benefit of all of God’s People. Seek only those things whereby others as well as yourself may be helped and holy.

Abide in Christ! Seek always to maintain the posture of living in relation to God that Jesus of Nazareth demonstrates in the Bible. Seek always to live with respect for the Presence and Person and Power of God.

Learn wisdom! Practice all that you know and learn of the way of God. Seek to apply at all times the principles for practice that are life-affirming, life-promoting, and life-sustaining. Let what is in your head and heart be expressed in your talk and walk.

Grow by the WORD! Seek to be in accordance with whatever God is doing in your life. Let His activity be the plan or project for practice in your life. Progress, never stand still, within the Presence of God so that His Power will impress His Person increasingly upon you.

 Preach the Truth! Proclaim and personify that which you know from personal experience with God. Live your testimony. Walk your talk. Deliver a statement about God as you know Him by exemplifying the Power He gives and sharing the grace He gives.

  Have mercy! Be compassionate and considerate of others. Imagine the posture and position of others with which you relate and seek to feel with them as you treat them. Be understanding of those with which you disagree and ever ready to further reconciliation.

Forgive seventy times seven! Never make a person a prisoner of a sinful past. Do not hold grudges or constantly remember the negatives about others, if you are not helping them to overcome such. Give your fellow sinners a chance to change and embrace grace.

Stand with hope! Assume a posture of living that is not based upon circumstance or condition, but upon trust in God. Believe God in spite of whatever occurs in your life. Never let the treatment of others or the situations and circumstances of life determine your acts.

Travel by prayer! Actively and verbally communicate with God at all times. Conduct your life in such a manner that you enjoy the Presence of God. Do what you can do and seek from God what only He can do or give. Live seeking what you ask from God.

Walk by faith! In all areas of your life, live as the believer you are. In all decisions apply the principles of God. Faith is the lifestyle of one who believes God. Be an ambassador for God in Christ. Represent Him by your behavior wherever you go.

 Live by Grace! Be grateful in all things at all times. Life and its fullness are gifts from God. Take nothing for granted. Seek to receive and handle properly whatever you gain in life. Thank God for everything you have and are and become. Amen.  w: February 25, 1986—d: March 2, 1986—copyrighted 1999



Mission: We are a Church “Where the Gospel is Preached and Practiced.”

The Vision Statement:  Providence Park Baptist Church is a congregation of saved sinners who endeavor to preach the Gospel of God through Jesus of Nazareth by personal proclamation and practice.

Providence Park Baptist Church

468 E Ladies Mile Rd.

Richmond, VA 23222

Phone: 804 329-1963



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10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Monday-Wednesday 5-8:00 p.m.

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